pray eat love

In the summer of 2015, we at the KHG were trying to find a motto and a new advertising idea for our community evening. From a spontaneous thought, literally between door and hinge, we came up with the three title words of the well-known film „Eat Pray Love“ with Julia Roberts. According to the idea, the three words ideally describe the three parts of our weekly church evening. This begins every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. in the KHG chapel on Weiherweg with a service. Afterwards there will be dinner together and then it will be a cozy evening with lots of nice conversations, music, table football and much more…

From the initial thought to the actual implementation, however, there were still some discussions and small adjustments were necessary. First of all, it is noticeable that we naturally had to adjust the order of the words a bit in order to do justice to the course of our community evening. So Eat-Pray-Love became: Pray-Eat-Love.

We also dealt intensively with the individual words and asked ourselves how the slogan and the individual terms might be received? Especially on Love, the spirits have also divorced. What do we want to express with this? What do you think is meant by love at church evening? The fear of misunderstandings was great. Ultimately, however, we also agreed: who, if not us, should, indeed must, occupy the topic of (neighborly) love! On our church evenings we spend a lot of time together, friendships develop, we sing and laugh – to put it simply: we enjoy life together. We love life and live our faith with great joy and love for God and people. That’s why we agreed to allow love in the central slogan of our church evening.

And the reactions since then have proved us right!

In the meantime, our Pray.Eat.Love slogan has become an integral part of the community evening and also of the KHG Regensburg. It is even finding its way into other KHG events and advertising materials. It is also the most popular design in our own KHG merchandise online shop.

We hope that you too will like our slogan


likes, makes you curious and invites you to visit our community evening! In any case, we look forward to seeing you!

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Every Tuesday at 7:15 p.m. we begin the church evening of the KHG with a service in our chapel. Afterwards there is a delicious dinner in the café and plenty of opportunity to celebrate together, meet friends, get to know new people or simply spend a nice evening playing table football, billiards and chatting.

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