Cele­bra­ting Pas­si­on Week and Eas­ter in the KHG

You are warm­ly invi­ted to cele­brate Pas­sion Week and Eas­ter in the cha­pel of the KHG and to expe­ri­ence the­se holy days in an inten­se way, by pray­ing with a small group of stu­dents and pon­de­ring over the mes­sage of Eas­ter for your per­so­nal life. The cele­bra­tion of the paschal days starts on Holy Thurs­day. It’s the start-up to the mas­ses during the Holy Week. On April 2nd, we have ser­vice at 8pm in the cha­pel. After­wards the­re will be an aga­pe-feast and an eve­ning prayer.

On Good Fri­day (April 3rd), we invi­te you to cele­brate the Pas­sion and Death of our Lord Jesus Christ in the KHG-Cha­pel. We will hear the Pas­si­on-nar­ra­ti­ve, we will pray the Gene­ral Inter­ces­si­ons and pro­ceed to the vene­ra­tion of the Cross which is a sign of hope to us.

The Eas­ter Vigil – which is the cele­bra­tion of the Resur­rec­tion of Jesus and the cli­max of the paschal days – will be held in the KHG-Cha­pel on Eas­ter Sun­day (April 5th) at 5 am. We will light the Eas­ter bon­fire and the new Paschal cand­le in the cour­tyard. Then we will move on into the cha­pel and hear the rea­dings from the Holy Scrip­ture and the Gos­pel and cele­brate Eucha­ristic mass toge­ther. After the ser­vice we meet in the “Bier­st­überl” for a feast­ful breakfast.

Bild: Ste­ven Hee­lein »pas­sio« (Kapel­le der KHG)

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